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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Kittens


Earlier in the summer, I had the kids at a friend's house and Joseph couldn't leave their rabbit, dog, or cat alone. Another friend, jokingly, said to me, "You've gotta get your kids a pet!" We had talked about getting rabbits, but that would not be happening for awhile, plus, the rabbits would not really be "pets". They aren't going to be the kind of rabbits that let your hold and pet them, they are going to be raised for meat. So, Craig and I talked about it and decided to get a kitten.

Well, we ended up getting two. Somehow, that is always how it went when I growing. We would FINALLY talk mom into letting us get a kitten (we succeeded twice), and both times, somehow, we ended up with two. I think, once a parent gives into having an animal around, it didn't really
matter if it was one or two. Thanks, Mom, for letting us get our cats. I know you never liked cats. Thank you for tolerating them so we could have our pets. It meant a lot to us!

So we got a pair of sisters. They are outdoor cats, so we thought they would like some company. As much as we insisted that we got the kittens for the kids, Craig and I have really enjoyed them. Craig grew up with a lot of outdoor cats around, and I have always been a cat lover. I admit, my adore for them has waned since becoming an adult and especially since having children--I think it is knowing that I am going to be the one to clean up after them, and especially make sure the kids wash their hands after petting/feeding/mauling them--but now that we have our little "girls" Craig and I are both quite as attached as the children are.

Their names are Nocta and Lucia (not Lu-C-ah, but Lu-Chah). We wanted something clever having to do with black and white or day and night; literally, the names mean, "night" and "light" but this was a close as we could get.

Nocta is the sweetest, most affectionate kitten I have encountered. She is also the most tolerant cat I have ever seen. the kids drag her around (against our bidding, of course) and she never protests. She is a good little hunter, but much more timid than her sister.

Lucia is the dominant one of the pair. she is frisky and independent. she doesn't mind if you pet her, a little. She likes to be sitting near you, but not on your lap. If you pet her too much, so will just move on, because she really doesn't need you anyway. Fortunately, they are both pretty docile and haven't scratched or bitten the kids, even though they are man-handled sometimes . . . okay, most of the time. We were very fortunate to get such lovely little kittens, who, hopefully, will grow to be good cats.

Next post will be about our rabbits!

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