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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Both my girls have fall/winter birthdays, so we have celebrated them pretty recently.  I thought it would be fun to post photos on them on their birthdays.  It is something they have done in their Atrium class and I think it is a beautiful way to celebrate their growth.  

I'll start with Cecily who turned two-years-old on All Saints Day:


1 year old

2 year old

She has become quite the little lady and MUST be carrying around, not one, but TWO baby dolls, AND their covers, which are homemade dolls blankets my mother made for her.  She has just caught onto potty training and I think she is over the hump.  She went on the potty all day today, without me having to sit her down every 10 minutes.  She impressed the heck out of Craig and I by coming to tell us she needed to go!  She seems so much older, just by being a "big girl" and using the potty.  This may be the first time I don't have any children in diapers when the new baby is born.  I can't imagine not changing diapers . . . it's almost a part of me.  :)  Almost.  But like my mom always says:  when you stop changing diapers, you really don't notice it, but you sure don't miss it!  I am really hoping that I get a month or two of very few diaper changes before the onslaught of a newborn, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  


Just after Thanksgiving, Craig's father came out for a long over due visit (we hadn't seen him since the Thanksgiving after Cecily was born).  It was a wonderful visit, and he also gave us a gift that I can't ever thank him for enough: he finished the remodeling of our kitchen.  He put in a new floor, trim, the remaining counter top, and threshold on all the doorways.  It looks FANTASTIC!  He also put the trim in our upstairs bathroom which we have needed to do since we remodeled that bath in 2006.  Oh, and he patched a big hold in a wall, replaced a broken window, secured some loose drawers in one of our dressers, and finally helped us process our venison.  And that was just in the time he has leftover between playing with the kids and relaxing with Craig and I.  We are SO grateful to him.  I feel that we are so much closer to being ready to rent this house out now.  I wish I had a picture to post of the new floor in the kitchen; actually I before and after comparison is definitely coming!

While I'm at it, here are a few more pictures from the last year, having nothing to do with the fixing up of the house, but having everything to do with our beloved children.  I wish I knew how to place the photos in a more pleasing composition.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

 Good night and Merry Christmas to you, on the eve of Epiphany.

but he hasn't out-grown those dimples!  Thank goodness! 
Getting to be such a young man . . . 

The Boys

Doesn't he look all grown up and handsome?  

Aine was having too much fun to care that
her face was covered in dirt.  
I think the dirt makes her look older,
 what do you think?  

Cecily trying not to smile.
Cecily giving up the fight.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Um, wow.  It's be a long time since I've posted anything to the blog.  I think I started a few posts that never were polished enough to post, but, wow.  To anyone who has been wondering if that chicken EVER got done: it did!  And it was delicious.  But we have moved past rotisserie chicken to brined, fresh ham.  If you have not tried brining, you are missing out!  As I type this, Craig is out helping to sort out the cuts of our pig-and-a-half for this year and I can almost taste the sausage that we will make on Monday!

Just for fun, here are some photos of the kids from this fall.  And I can't promise I will post again soon--baby Spiering #5 will be arriving in about 2 months.  So much has happened!  :)