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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FOR SALE: 220 Orchard St., Front Royal, VA


 We finally have our house on the market!  I can hardly believe it is finally for sale, but so much has happened to get us here that I guess it shouldn't surprise me.

As usual, I've been terrible about posting to this blog!  My apologies to those of you who check up on us once in awhile on here because I haven't updated in ages.  We are just about to have baby #6, we moved in Aug., we spent the whole summer and most of the fall and a lot of money getting the house fixed-up.  Craig's been busy with Spiering Photography (which is a huge blessing!).  Joseph started going to REAL school, Aine and Henry are learning to read.  There has hardly been a moment to enjoy life; and yet . . .

We DO enjoy life.  We've enjoyed having more space at this house.  We've spent time with friends and family.  We've enjoyed feast days and birthdays--Cecily turned 4 a few weeks ago!!!!  The kids have gotten into playing cards, drawing pictures, and writing their own stories.  Life is full to brimming.

Now, without further ado, here is the official like to the listing of our house.


Please check it out and spread the word!  It is a wonderful family home very near Historical Main St., Front Royal.  It is near to the heart of the town and the Heart of Jesus--just a little over a block from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  It was faster for us to walk to mass, even in inclement weather, than to buckle everyone in and find parking.  What a blessing it was to walk to holy hours or daily Mass.

Blessed feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary!  She is a wonderful patron to have for our baby who will arrive very soon.