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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Summer soccer


And some photos from the kids playing soccer this summer.  Which child do you think the coach thought was a soccer all-star in the making?  Not the one you're thinking . . .

Nope not this one either.  

Coach thinks Aine is a born soccer player!  She is small, coordinated (for being 5), and fast.  


She would have chosen soccer practice over ballet class! 

They all had a blast, even the wee ones.


Cecily's 1st day of school

I guess this seems like Cecily's blog!  Ha, ha!  It just works out that these are the photos I have and this is the time I have to post them.  Cecily began Atrium with her three older siblings this Fall.  She was so very excited.  It is a very special time for her, getting to do her own works on her own schedule.  

God bless!