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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where did December go?


Well now, here I am on January 15th writing my first post in over a month.  Hmmmm.  I think having four kids is a little bit time consuming!  I think I am going to start posting 5 min. stream of consciousness posts.  That is the only why I will EVER post on this blog.  I am so sorry to you family member--for whom I started this blog--who are far away.  I am a terrible correspondent.  I always have been, and *sigh* am admitting that I probably always will be. 

Anastasia's birthday was two days before Christmas.  It was lovely because not only did her Godparents, Uncle Ben and Aunt Jessi, get to be here, but most of my family as well.  I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday.  she said, "Ummmmm.  I want a pin-t cake."  Meaning a pink cake.  Well, since the firetruck red-40 overload, I swore off food coloring, so I did a bit of research and we used pomegranate (compliments of Uncle Shane) to tint the icing.  It works very well and didn't hurt the flavor of the cream cheese frosting.  We also has a pin-t dinner with salmon, homemade noodles and Alfredo sauce.  Grandma Spiering gave us a hand crank pasta maker for Christmas and that was my first experience with it on my own.  Okay, it wasn't on my own.  It took the whole family (five adults and two children intermittently) to make a batch of pasta big enough to feed us all one healthy serving.  It also took us about 2 hours!  Looking at the little pile noodles we had slaved over, all agreed that it was worth it just because we were all  working on it together.  It was fun!  I tried not to be discouraged and the pay off was big when we all tasted dinner! 

Christmas was lovely here in Virginia.  I cannot explain how much more special Christmas is when there are small children around.  Seeing the wonder in their eyes on Christmas morning as they watched their new Christmas Train was priceless.  I was very afraid they were going to think Christmas was all about getting presents, but everytime we asked them what was special about Christmas they would say that Baby Jesus was born.  I have faith, of course.  I know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.  I know that Christmas is the fullness of time when God became man.  I know all this, but the children, they KNOW it.  they know it with their whole being.  They're faith isn't tainted with the attachments to the world, the worried of adulthood.  Their wonder at the Christ child is simply that.  Christmas for me is Jesus, and baking, and wrapping, and planning, and budgeting, and cleaning and, and, and. . . But it should not be so.  This Christmas I really felt the wonder of God made man more that ever before. 

We are so very blessed.  But, I will have to wax eloquent (I'm so vane!) about that later.  Life is happening so quickly but I have definitely been here at the computer longer than 5 minutes!  Here's what else I will have to write about some other time:
pig butchering
sprouting my own wheat before grinding
Cecily Cecily Cecily
Henry's bumps and bruises/near death experiences
Aine's trying threes
Joseph becoming a big boy
Classical conversations
Heating with wood

Mea culpa!  I am not even going to re-read this post, so please excuse all the errors and typos that I know are there but don't have another 10 minutes to correct.