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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eating Outside


We do not have centeral AC, so in the summer, it is much nicer to eat meals outside. After dinner, all the kids got Popsicles and made a royal mess of themselves, but it didn't matter, because they were outside! We made the popsicles out of berries and Kifer. I try to make kifer smoothies everyday, but it usually happens about twice a week. I make them with frozen berries we picked earlier in the season, a banana or two, maple syrup, a splash of vanilla and maybe a dash of cinnamon. They are so delicious AND good for you. Sometime I make an extra big batch and then freeze the rest into popsicles. The Kids like them just as well as any icecream from the store and it is really good for them.

Me coaxing Aine to eat her dinner--baiting her with a Popsicle!

Me, scowling at my husband for taking a picture of my huge tummy.
Anastasia is SUCH a slow eater that she was the last to get her Popsicle, but she did not enjoy the least.

Henry likes to "cheers" his drinks, but we discovered that he also likes to "cheers" his Popsicle.

Craig was making Henry laugh by making funny faces. A baby laughing is the best, but a sticky baby laughing is the best EVER!

Joseph is a good eater and a fast eater, so he was running around playing long before the other two.

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