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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aine's first Pedicure


I didn't know if she was old enough for it, but she proved herself. She was SO excited for Aunt Jessi to come over and paint her toenails. She sat perfectly still. I can't get her to sit that still for Mass, a meal, even a story, but for painting her toenails, she was like a statue. I never thought I would have such a girly girl . . . I am loving it!

Her little tiny toes drying on the window sill. Please ignore the decrepit-looking old window!

Joseph was so cute; he sat next to her the whole time and kept saying, "I's so excited for Aine's toenails to be painted!" Jessi had to keep telling him to sit down because he kept getting too close and asking, "Can I touch them now?" But he was very concerned that Anastasia NOT touch them before they were dry. Such a vigilant older brother. :)


  1. She is so cute and such cute little toes! I do like the color - just like Mama's and Grammy's toes. I think Aunt Jessi's were a little darker.

  2. Wow - the kids are so big!! Thanks for sharing this. Kinda makes me homesick.