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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nocta is gone!


We have having the worst time with pets around here! Nocta has gone missing. This is day two of her just not being here. It is especially strange because Lucia is here--they are ALWAYS together. They wondered off about a two weeks after got them; we think they followed us as we went for a walk and then couldn't find their way back. But they DID find their way back, and after that, we didn't worry about them getting lost anymore. We, or at least I, prayed long and hard the day they when missing.

Lucia, who is usually very independent, must be very lonely because she meows at the door when she sees us inside and is right on my heels every time I step outside. She actually rubs against my ankles looking for attention--that was always Nocta before.

I know it is a silly little thing--they are just cats, after all--but please pray with me that Nocta is well and comes home soon.


  1. I get very attached to my pets. And yes, they are just animals but they bring us joy as we delight in them. I will pray for her return *hugs*

  2. sorry about your kitten! and like the new blog very much.
    cheers . . .