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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Waiting "Game"


I am very sorry to anyone who was hoping to say the St. Therese Novena along with me--I failed to post the rest of the Novena!  I had it, but I haven't had much time to be on the computer, so I didn't get anything posted.  I hope, at least, if you wanted to Novena, you followed the link to Jessica's blog, where I was getting the Novena, anyway. 

I also hate posting when there are no pictures to post because I know I like to see pictures when I am reading something online.  I have some, but they are very random. 

My due date is tomorrow.  I thought it was the 16th, but it actually tomorrow.  Either way, it doesn't mean much other than with the new due date of the 12th, we are more likely to have the baby this month, instead of next.  I have been over due with all three, so I don't expect this one to be any different.  But, no matter how much I prepare myself for being "late" the waiting game has begun! In fact, it began about two weeks ago, because, technically, we could have had a healthy, full-term baby at 38 weeks.  So, even though I KNOW we will be over due, I can't help but be ready to have a baby.  So, instead of waiting for the end for around two weeks, we could be waiting for 5 weeks (3 more weeks).  That is a REALLY LONG TIME to be waiting.  I am consoling myself with the realization that I have had big, healthy babies who all sleep and eat relatively well.  I haven't had a baby with colic or severe reflux.  My babies are all pretty easy, and I think part of that is due (excuse the pun, please) to the fact that my babies develop more before they make their grand entrance into the world.  I know that it is actually due to the mercy of God!!!  I have been very blessed thus far with beautiful, healthy children, so I should not be complaining that I have to wait a little bit longer to hold them in my arms. 

I don't think it would be as hard to wait, either, if strangers were not so tactless.  I don't mind people making a statement about me being pregnant.  I love it when I see people light up with they see my big tummy and little caravan of children.  But it is the comments like,"When is your due date?  Yesterday?"  Especially when I get that comment three weeks before the due date and it is followed by, "Your about to pop!"  Thank you, stranger, for stating the obvious.  How would they like it if I said something about like, "Oh, goodness!  When are you going to go shopping?  That shirt doesn't fit you at all!"  I would NEVER say something like that, no matter how annoyed or over due I am.  What is it about pregnancy that seems to give permission for anyone to say exactly what they think of you?  Comments like that about any other condition or appearance would be called harassment, I think.  The other part of it is that it's not just one or two comments.  It's like 15 everywhere I go.  I get really tired of explaining myself to strangers.  I should just not be so open, but I can't go away from from someone knowing I made them feel bad.  I know it is a weakness and sometimes disingenuous, but I can't help it.  I would rather be really annoyed than shut someone down and have them walk away from me saying to themselves, or worse, to someone else, "What a typical hormonal pregnant lady!"  Also, because I usually have the other kids with me, I really have an  obligation to present family life as the blessing it is.  If I am short with someone, they could think it is because I have too many kids.  Not that I don't get frustrated and tired because of the children, but I don't want to confirm bad stereo-types many people of mothers. 

Sorry to gripe so much!  Actually, all is very well here.  The kitchen has really come together.  We are waiting to do the trim until we put the new floor down.  And we are waiting to replace the knobs on the cabinets, so it isn't exactly how we want it yet, but it is fully functional and WONDERFUL!  We have gotten the dining room back in order after it being the storage space for all the extra kitchen stuff.  Oh!  We put two extra top cabinets in the mud room, so the cabinets all match.  It made everything flow very well and there is much more storage space, so nothing looks cluttered or makeshift anymore.  I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom, too. The birthing supplies are all gathered and our room is (mostly) organized which hasn't been true since, well, um, maybe Henry's birth.  So, most things are falling into place. 

Okay, well I said I had a picture.  Here is a picture of Aine running around at the wedding reception we went to last weekend.  Craig doesn't have the photos from the wedding posted yet, but if you want to keep up with his work, check out http://spieringphotography.blogspot.com/.

So, we are waiting for the next Spiering to arrive.  Please pray that he or she comes safely, quietly, healthy, and soon. 


  1. I'll be praying for you Jamie! Good luck as you approach the end (and a beginning too, right?). I looked for you at Homecoming but didn't see you -- I heard that you were there, and I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to say hello. Your children are so beautiful -- I love this picture of Aine.
    God bless!

  2. Thank you for your prayers, M.T. I am sorry I missed you at Homecoming. It seemed like we weren't there very long because we had to pick the kids up by 10 from babysitting. There were too many people to see and just not enough time! Maybe next time you are in FR we will run into each other. :)

    Your blog is beautiful and your kids are getting so big!