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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A child's representation of reality


Joseph likes to pretend that he is ordering food at a restaurant.  As much as we try to cut fast food or processed food out of our diet, he has definitely figured out how much fun it is to go "out" to eat.  Joseph to Aine while playing in the little kitchen:  "You have to stand behind the counter."  the counter is an up-side-down laundry basket.
Joseph: "What do you want?"
Aine: "Um, Milt (milk)."
Joseph: "Coffee?"
Aine: "Yeah."
Joseph: "sugar?"
Aine: "Yeah."
Joseph: "Okay, (mixing and banging sounds) here you go." a few seconds pass.  "Now it's your turn; you stand here.  Behind the counter.  BeHIND the counter!  NO!  BEHIND THE COUNTER! . . . There.  Now you say, 'what would you like."
Aine: "Um, coppee (coffee)."
Joseph:  "No, I want you to say, 'what would you like?"
Aine: "I did!"
Joseph: "No!  *UGG* Now it's my turn."  shuffling and pushing as Aine whines. "What would you like?" 
Aine: silence.  I can't see her, but I am sure she is sucking her thumb at this point.
Joseph: "Would you like coffee, with sugar, and a spoon and cream, in a cup?"
Aine: "yeah."
Joseph: "Okay!" Very cheerfully.

I think it is best to just let them work it out, as long as they aren't hurting each other. . . too badly.  ;)  How can you control a child when he is being controlling?  I think I just have to let them figure it out amongst themselves most of the time.  It is so hard not to intervene, but I think that just models the same behavior that I am trying stop in Joseph.  Hearing him repeat, more loudly and emphatically each time, "Behind the counter!" sounds just like ME when I am getting frustrated with him.  Sigh.  They are playing nicely again.  Now Joseph is serving her ice cream.  How sweet.  Henry doesn't really get it yet.  I hear Joseph saying, "Henry SIT!  Henry, you have to sit down!  Then we will have a nice treat of ice cream."  How many times a day do the kids here THAT?! 

"Henry SIT down!"
Henry!  Get down!"
No, Henry!  Sit down!"

When it comes to parenting, I think I am my own worst enemy.

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  1. Those kids are so precious. What a cute story. I loved just listening to my boys talk or play . . . and apparently, you do too. ;-) And now, it starting all over again with your little ones. Thank you for all the joy you give me through those darling children.

    Mom Spiering