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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joseph's Drawing


I took all the kids to see a new doctor a few weeks ago; I just wanted to get a primary care provider established. They evaluated Joseph for all sorts of things, including his ability to draw. He hadn't been willing to even try drawing until he started going to class and saw other kids his age drawing. So, about a week before his appointment, he actually did begin to draw a few things on his own.

At the office, the nurse asked him to draw a circle, a square, and then a stick-figure. She amended the last request, "Can you draw a picture of your mom?" He wrinkled his brow, and drew a sort-of smiley face. "Oh. It's not very good." He said quite pensively. The nurse asked him to draw arms, a body and legs. he did something of the sort and then said with a frown, "It looks like Humpty Dumpty." I just replied with a smile, "Well, Mama looks like Humpty Dumpty right now, too." The nurse and I laughed. I don't think Joseph really got it.

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Humpdity Dumpty, opps I mean Jamie,

    What a sweet story! LOL I find it interesting that Joseph judges his own work. I hope you got to keep the drawing. I love to read all the things your write.

    Craig so wanted to draw well growing up. He worked and worked at it. In retrospect, I wished I would have found someone to teach him, as it was not my gift.

    With Much Love,
    Mom Spiering