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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where did Jan., Feb., and March go?


I can't believe I have more pictures than I am able to post.  The days slip by and I think I will have more time to post tomorrow; then the days turn into weeks, then months. 

This was a nice day in March, around the time of the boys birthdays. 

The boys birthdays were hard because it was Lent and everyone was sick.  Actually, I think we were sick most of February, too.  We were well for a little bit, and now a few of us have colds again.  It could be worse, but I will certainly rejoice when the warm weather is here to stay and we are all well in body (an hopefully mind and spirit as well!). 

We have slowly moved to a Gluten free diet because of some of the problems Henry has been having.  He stopped sleep through the night a month or so before Cecily was born.  I don't mean that he gets up once or twice.  I mean that Craig was getting up with him between 15 and 20 times a night.  He doesn't want to  sleep with us, nor have one of us lie down with him.  We really have tried everything.  So I started cutting out wheat.  But the more I read, the more I realized that wasn't enough.  Now, we are doing a modified GAPS diet.  I will have to write more about it later, but it certainly has been a good Lenten trial. 


  1. We have cut out wheat/sugars/yeasts on and off. First, Allen had ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and I was determined to do what I could to help him through treatment in a healthy way. Though God did provide the means and the direction. Allen did maintain good health despite one setback- he got something in Ohio that comes from the dust - hystoplasmosis (mold/fungus) impossible to cure with modern medicine. It was interesting to me that now years later, he does not have the effects of this anymore. A homeopath helped us treat him for this. It was simply his constitutional (given according to personality) homeopathic remedy in succesive doses that helped. Hystoplasmosis caused him to couph incessantly at night. Most people who have it are affected more when they are sick. Even when he is sick now, he does not have this couph, as those people do who are burdened with hystoplasmosis for life. Again we tried this diet with our second child when he was affected by constant nasal congestion. He can get so bad that it affects his reading and focus skills. It helped him for a while, but it was also necessary to cut out dairy. Eventually we began to eat wheat again and now it seems he is ok, but has to watch the dairy, especially when their are colds going around. Also John is very affected by sugars/ white grains in his diet. He gets a chest congestion that acts like asthma. Keeping him away from simple sugars is really a help with him. And we do lots of probiotics, which is a boon to our progress with him. Plus we see a chiropracter who watches all of our issues. Realligning us every so often, has been a great support. I spend alot perhaps to maintain our health. But I would rather give up alot of other things than have to deal with cancer or some other serious illness that could be avoided by being healthy in the first place. Not that Allen was sick alot, but he did have constipation issues as a baby and even now.
    Now I am debating what needs to be done with Marc and myself who both had Lymes. As of now we are using anitbiotics and counter treating with probiotics. A good probiotic seems necessary to balance the sugars we do get in our diet. -God Bless with your issues.

    1. Hello Christi and thanks for posting this. I think I have probably gotten all this info. from you through our various conversations, but seeing it all on one paragraph really helps me to understand what you all have gone through! I am sorry I didn't see the post until now! It is amazing how much I have learned, even in the 1.5 years since then . . . I am so blessed to be able to go to people like you who are wealth of knowledge!!! Thanks again for posting and hopefully I will keep up with the blog from now on.