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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christmas 2010


I am sorry I can't type more. 

Craig said his favorite part of Christmas was when the kids came downstair and were transfixed by the new Christmas train.  They just stood there for about ten minutes and watched.  Truly childlike wonder. 

This is the table St. Nicholas brought for them.  He also brought a children's snow shovel, which Joseph actually got to use that day. 

Henry and Anastasia were enthralled, not with their presents, but with the packing peanuts! 

Aine become quite the "material girl" in her new clothes and sunglasses. 

The reason for it all!  We love this nativity set.  It is beautiful and durable.  Craig and Joseph built the stable. 


  1. ooh, I see your woodstove back there in the corner..it looks so nice!!

    great pictures as usual!

  2. Jill, it is glorious! We now have a hearth and heart to our home. :)