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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

John Paul


Well, when I'm on a roll, I might as well keep going, right?  Well, I have been meaning to get the word out about this little guy for awhile.  My friends Jill and Patrick's 5th son (that's typed correctly:FIVE BOYS!!!)  has a rare condition in which he was born with shortened arms and bones missing or fused together in his legs.  He is such and amazingly happy little man, you would never know the challenges he faces by the grin on his face.

Craig did a portraiture session of their family and after that we had dinner.  It was a lovely time with this lovely family.

Patrick and Jill are such loving parents and John Paul couldn't have been given to a more welcoming family.

I mean, these boys dote on John Paul!  It's SO sweet to see!  I wanted to get the word out that Azalea Charities http://azaleacharities.com/charities/Storey.shtml is having a fundraiser for help put an addition on to their home which would make it handicapped accessible.  If you are interested in helping this family, please pray, of course!  You can get more of John Paul's story (no pun intended!) at Jill's super cute blog http://dulcedomum.wordpress.com/.

Today is the feast of St. Augustine, and at Mass (yes, we actually went to a daily Mass!  I think it was the first time since Charles was born) the homily was about hope.  If there was ever a reason to hope, it is revealed in the love of this family and this little life.

Blessed John Paul II, Pray for us!
St. Francis, Pray for us!
St. Augustine, Pray for us!

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