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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here is a little glimps of our summer that passed too fast.  Before my parents so graciously gave us their gas grill,we did all our grilling on our fire-pit. 

We have a marinated chicken on the rotisserie, sweet potatoes on the lower level, home-style potatoes in the cast iron pan with a lid (which had been under the chicken to catch the drippings), and bell peppers thrown on in at in the end.  I think we also had grilled okra that night--which was FANTASTIC!  We will never do okra another way, I think.  We also tried grilled zucchini: really good, and grilled beet slices: amazing!  The kids don't like the "black stuff" from the grilling, but that just meant that Craig and I got to eat those parts and they are the best parts anyway.  :) 


  1. Thank looks so tasty and I might just have to whip those bars below--although I shouldn't. I love the photo of the little bunnies too! What a darling blog you've created.

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  2. Love this! Perhaps, you could still grill on the fire pit this summer for nostalgia's sake. Because it is so hot in the house during the summer, we only cook breakfast inside. Pizzas are great in the gas grill! Perhaps, this would be fun to try for you! Blessings, Alecia

  3. Nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Maybe this will give you some incentive to write more. ;) God bless,

  4. Ha ha! Ladies, thank you for the kind posts, but I didn't even read them until now--Jan. 2013! Oh well, I guess I'm back, but who know for how long? With this baby coming, anything could happen. God is good, even when I don't have time on the computer, or maybe especially when I don't have time on the computer. It is all in His hands. Blessed Christmas!