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Friday, October 14, 2011

NOT prolificating like rabbits

Well, I just realized that I haven't posted since May, so here is a long awaited post and a new favorite recipe.

I think my last post was about bunnies.  Oh they were so cute!  There were eight and Flopsy proved to be a good mother.  Those eight bunnies, along with the two from Mopsy's litter gave Craig's rabbit tractor an inaugural run.  It was a pleasure to see them literally running around in it.  We had a few escapees because when they are that small, they can still slip right through the slats on the bottom.  One day, they ALL go out through a wide space between the ground and the rabbit cage.  Thanks to St. Francis and St. Anothony, they were all caught.

We were supposed to have several more litters this summer, but that did not work out as planned.  Having new little bunnies around would have made it easier, I think, when it came time butcher that litter.  We lost Mopsy on one of the extremely hot days.  Flopsy, I regret to inform you, seems to be too rotund to have bunnies again right now.  She is now in the rabbit tractor taking some exercise and on a diet.  It is certainly not as easy as I had originally though to raise rabbits for meat.    

We have, despite the obstacles and set backs, enjoyed the fruits of our labor a couple of times.  Rabbit meat is very tasty--similar to chicken!--but it does come out dry, even after slowing cooking in a wine marinade all day long.  So, my next endeavor is to try rabbit confit.  We have tried pheasant confit and it was a success, so I think it would work with rabbit, too.  Unfortunately, I am out of lard, so I will have to render some before we are able to try it.  Sigh.  So much to do and so little time.  Until I have more lard, we will probably just eat rabbit and like it.  :) 

Speaking of time, I also want to learn how to preserve the fur and make a little muff for Aine. 
*even bigger sigh*
I will simply pray for the patience.  I know there are wiser uses of my time right now.  May God bless your endeavors today; whatever you hope to accomplish, may it be holy and worth of your efforts.  May your efforts always bring you closer to Our Lord. 

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