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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cecily and random thoughts of a sleep deprived mother


I can't believe she is six weeks old already!  We are all well, but life is pretty crazy.  I hardly have time to sit down, let alone post to the website.  Wow, no one can prepare you for how hard parenthood is.  The day in and day out struggle is completely indescribable.  Thank you to anyone who is praying for us, because I know I need every bit of grace and then some.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

Life is hard but oh so good.  God is good.  Happy Gaudete Sunday. 

Here are so pictures for those of you who are starved for news from the Spiering home front.  Again, I am sorry I haven't posted more often since Cecily's birth. 

A few more from her first day.

Anastasia is such an attentive big sister.  They are going to be best friends!

All the kids really love her and are so sweet to her . . .

. . . even if not always gentle.

And here are the three oldest dressed up for Halloween.  They didn't actually go Trick or Treating until two days later, but they didn't really know the difference and we have very obliging neighbors who didn't mind off-loading some of their leftover candy.  Joseph is a knight, Aine is a princess, and Henry is a frog . . . prince.  Hence the belt to hold up his sword.  Joseph didn't want to look too friendly because he is a tough knight.  Craig made his shield out of a left over party platter and Joseph made his sword out of his construction set.   

Will post again someday . . . can't promise when.  God bless!  Veni Emmanuel!


  1. Thanks for posting...I remember those sleep-deprived days and nights. I still have them sometimes! The photos and your children are beautiful.

  2. The pictures are beautiful! Your children's Halloween costumes make me smile. So cute!