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Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Day of Atrium


Joseph and Aine started their Atrium class last week. Joseph is excited about class. He loves going to Atrium, as showcased in this picture:

But he wasn't really running like that because he was that wound-up about class. For Joseph, this is old-hat, but for Aine, this day was the paramount of all days. She FINALLY gets to go to school with Joseph. She wanted to go in with Joseph every class last year and now she is FINALLY able to go. But did that quicken her pace at breakfast?

No. I am doing her hair at the table because everyone else is ready to go and she is STILL chewing her oatmeal. At least she looked a bit more excited for this one:

We tried to get them to stand next to each other so we could get a photo, but they won't stay close enough to get them both in a shot. And this is what it looked like when we told them to hold hands.

they finally did smile.

But they weren't really standing close enough to get a good picture of them both. So I told them to hug each other.

I couldn't believe they went for it! It was one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. One of those little moments that makes a mother's heart swell with appreciated for her children. I thought, "they really LIKE each other!" Usually one of them is being ornery and just won't cooperate--which I don't blame they for. There were certainly days when I didn't want to hug my siblings, but that didn't mean I loved them less. Kids will be kids and you can't MAKE them act in a certain way. I didn't expect them want to hug each other and pose for a picture when they were all excited for their first day of school. But today, they just hugged each other and said, "Cheeeeeeeeeeese!" Or "Teeeeeeease!" in Aine's case.

I think Aine was a little overwhelmed by Joseph, but he was pretty gentle and they seemed to have a great time getting their picture taken.

If you ask them, as I did, "How was class? What did you do?" The answer is almost always the same. "I did some works." And that is about all I can get out of them. They love the class and DO a lot, but when you try to get them to talk about it, you just get, "I did some works." I think it is a good thing for them to have their class, that is all their own. If they don't feel the need to explain their morning to me, that is just fine. I can tell they worked hard and loved it. There is a peace about them after Atrium.


  1. If these are not the cutest photos and story - Just like the pirates, who slay dragons . . . precious. These are the best years, aye Jamie?

  2. Yes, this is truly a chapter in life filled to the brim with blessings! . . . Now I just pray I can cherish those blessings amidst the trials--Every mother's goal, I think!